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09 OCTOBER 2021

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Goals of the championship organizers?

Identification of talented professionals in the nail service. Providing opportunities for all aspiring and established masters to show their work. Identification of new technologies, brands, products in the nail industry from around the world, and the preparation of a team of the strongest professionals to win top awards in international competitions around the world..

Rules of participation
  • Each registered participant brings with her/him all the necessary materials for participation in the championship, including lamp and UV lamp.
  • Start and finish is established by the competition official.
  • Being late to the beginning of the competition does not give participants any additional work time.
  • At the end of work, the master must remove her/his belongings and his model needs to go to the judging zone with a registration sheet, where she will wait for her turn.
  • Evaluation takes place according to the general evaluation system, which each participant will be informed about before the championship, after registration and full payment for registration.
  • The model must be at least 16 years old and must not be a nail professional. Participants will be disqualified if they:
  • Independently leave the competition area, change the model, or continue to work after the “STOP” signal.
  • The use of mobile phones is prohibited.
Who can take part in the championship?

Any master working professionally in the nail service using professional materials, registered as a participant and who paid the registration fee. Participant’s age is not restricted. A participant may submit any number of works for a correspondence work competition. All works are returned to authorized representatives with their signatures on 17.05.20, immediately following the championship, between 18.00-19.00.
Championship organizers have the right to use materials and photos from the competition in social media. Championship organizers are not responsible for damage or injury caused by the participation in the championship. Also, the organizers do not provide insurance to the participants. And they are not responsible for theft of property. The signature and payment of the registration fee (confirmed by check) for the championship indicates that the participant agrees with all the conditions of the organizers. When paying the fee, the participant must indicate in the check her full name, address, category of participation and nomination. Payment can be made in any currency at the exchange rate.


Salon's gel lack, French 60 minutes


Salon's gel lack full cover color red. 60 minutes


Dry manicure and gel polish coating. 1.5 hour


Salon's extensions with polygel, 2 hours free theme (the work should fit the model)


Salon's extensions with acrylic, 2 hours (free theme)


Salon's extensions with gel, 2 hours (free theme)


Stiletto (material at the discretion of the master). Only one hand 2.0 hours


Russian Almonds, material: gel, acryl or poly-gel. Only one hand. Time: 1.5 hours

All works must fit the hands of the model. Extensions are done only on templates. Registration is 30 minutes before the nomination. All models and participants must be in place before the start signal. Models must pass a nail check before the competition. The hands of the model should be without injuries or cuts. The workplace should be prepared (It is desirable to have an additional cable or adapter). All bags should be placed on the side of the model. After the end of the competition, the participants and models leave the championship area. Models stay in the judging zone. All questions should be addressed to the stewards.


(the maximum amount of points in all nominations) receives € 500, a Diploma and a Cup + Gifts from Sponsors.


1-3 Places

receive Diplomas, Cups and professional Nail gifts from Sponsors worth about €50

All Participants

will get a Certificate of Participation and Sponsors Gift

What to Take with you to the competition


Materials and tools


Lamp and extension cord


Hand and Instrument Disinfectants


Disposable consumables


UV lamps


Frazer allowed only for dry manikure nomination.